Nordisk Solar Compani A/S

This lampcompany was foundend in 1919 by ‘Jacob L. Jørgensen og Herluf Sørensen in the hometown of Deerstedt – Haderslev in the southern part of Denmark. They started out with electrical devices and it was first in 1960 the lamp production began.

Nordisk Solar Compani manufactured some of the most iconic lamps designed by Svend Middelboe, Fabricius & Kastholm, Jørgen Utzon, Hvidt & Mølgård, Vagn Dyring, Eva & Niels Koppel, Anton Fogh Holm, Esman & Jensen.

The lamp production ended in 1998 but the company is still active in the electrical area.

nordisk solar

See the Nordisk Solar Company lamps in the Deerstedt Etsy shop:

First line no 2

First line no. 3

Second line no. 1

Second line no. 2

Second line no. 3

Third line no. 1

Third line no. 2

Third line no. 3

2 thoughts on “Nordisk Solar Compani A/S

  1. I recently bought a lamp that the seller said was from Nordisk Solar and produced by or for Holmegaard, but I’ve had trouble finding out who actually designed it and if it’s actually a Nordisk Solar lamp. Do you know if it’s from Nordisk Solar and maybe who designed it? I would love to know more about it 🙂


    1. Dear Danni

      Thanks for your request and the picture of the beautiful lamp.

      There are several stories regarding your lamp and it has not been possible to have it proved.

      Nordisk Solar Compagni A/S did produce tearshaped glass lamps with teak tops but there is no designer behind. The question is which company delivered the glass. In the 60s there were 3 major glass manufactors: danish Holmegaard, swedish Orrefors and finish Iittala.

      Holmegaard had a collaboration with Fog & Morup and Orrefors worked with LYFA. This leaves us with Iittala and sources state that this in fact was a possibility.

      We are sorry that we can’t come any closer than this but if we stumple upon some news we will notify you.

      All the best

      Carl and Malene


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