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New arrivals of midcentury modern items april 2016

We want to present some of our new listing, which you will find on either, or

hope you enjoy the world of Deerstedt lighting.

Svend Middelboe designed most of all his lighting for Nordisk Solar. Here is a few of the new arrivals:

midcentury lighting.jpgsvend middelboe.jpgceiling light.jpg

To be found here : Special yellow version Verona pendant by Svend Middelboe

Or this classic all white Verona pendant


To be found here : Classic all white Verona Pendant by Svend Middelboe of Denmark

Danish space age pendants from the 60s are always in demand which is not hard to understand. They bring a touch of yesterdays design and a look in to the future as well.

Here is some of the new arrivals :

spaceage lighting.jpgceilinglight.jpg


To be found here : Space age danish light

carlthore.jpgcarl thore sweden.jpgCarl Thore.jpg

To be found here: Carl Thore brass pendant

Jorn Utzon.jpgJørn Utzon.jpg

To be found here : Jorn Utzon classic Navy pendant

Danish Midcentury chandelier.jpgDanish copper pendant.jpg

To be found here : Danish copper chandelier

orange lighting.jpg

To be found here : Svend Middelboe Denmark

Dieter Rams Braun.jpg

Dieter Rams for Braun 1962

Saturn copper lighting.jpg

Jo hammerborg.jpg

Saturn copper pendant by Jo Hammerborg Denmark

Victor Vaserely.jpg

Victor Vaserely op-art


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Nordisk Solar Compani A/S

This lampcompany was foundend in 1919 by ‘Jacob L. Jørgensen og Herluf Sørensen in the hometown of Deerstedt – Haderslev in the southern part of Denmark. They started out with electrical devices and it was first in 1960 the lamp production began.

Nordisk Solar Compani manufactured some of the most iconic lamps designed by Svend Middelboe, Fabricius & Kastholm, Jørgen Utzon, Hvidt & Mølgård, Vagn Dyring, Eva & Niels Koppel, Anton Fogh Holm, Esman & Jensen.

The lamp production ended in 1998 but the company is still active in the electrical area.

nordisk solar

See the Nordisk Solar Company lamps in the Deerstedt Etsy shop:

First line no 2

First line no. 3

Second line no. 1

Second line no. 2

Second line no. 3

Third line no. 1

Third line no. 2

Third line no. 3