Space age…. Atomic age

Development of design has always been a mirror of realtime trends combined with the past. Nowadays everything seems to be directed into sustainable shapes and materials due to fact that 30-35% of all news coverage is about the climate changes.

1957 the Sovjet Union launched Sputnik in space and the USA responded with the Apollo program – time of the space race had begun. Everything was about space race between the super powers of the world. Comics, toys, hifi, clothing and of course home decor and interior.

At Deerstedt we do have a whole range of designs items from this era. You find a few of them below.

Hope you´ll enjoy 😉

il_570xN.936651976_8ats.jpg il_570xN.936667328_t9t3.jpg

Italian design by Brionvega – Algol TV


Danish light from the 60s



German Kaiser Leuchten



Desk lamp



Midland International radio


Bent Karlby Pan-Opticon





Temde Leuchten from Germany /Switzerland

Fritz Müller founded this company back in 1911 in Detmold, Germany and ended production in 2000 in Sevelen, Switzerland.

They are especially known for there beautiful light fixtures made of wood. Later on they also did some stunning pieces were they combined acrylic plastic with brushed aluminum.

At there highest production period they produced more than 400 different lights, sold directly as Temde or special orders for the goverment in Germany, hotels, restaurants etc.

The goal of the company was always to produce high quality standard lighting.

Here is some examples to show you the variety


Temde desklamp type 30 – sheet metal with rosewood veneer on the base as well as the shade. It has a very functional and flexible stem which can be adjusted.  Up for sale at our site



type 765 made of smoked acrylic and brushed aluninum Temde 765


Beautiful table lamp with white lacquered base and cafe latté colored shade Table lamp





“Less, but better ” the ideology of Dieter Rams

The big secret behind good design was described by the german designer Dieter Rams ( born 1932)  with the sentence “Less, but better”.

For the Dieter Rams a good design should live up to ten criteria:

  • is innovative
  • is useful
  • is aesthetic
  • makes a product understandable
  • is unobstrusive
  • is honest
  • is long-lasting
  • is thorough down to the last detail
  • is environmentally friendly
  • is as little design as possible

His background regarding architecture and design was combined with the practical education as a carpenter which gave him the knowledge and talent to design longlasting design pieces that reached and will reach into the next decades.

1961 he became chief design officer at Braun and became famous for the aesthetic and user-friendly electronical gadgets.

He worked together with Hans Gugelot, an dutch architect who was strongly influenced by the Bauhaus era. Gugelots thoughts about good design matched Dieter Rams ideology of less, but better. For him the aspects of system, function and technical innovation was the key word to good design.

(source: Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot, Braun  & SK& Radio )


We at Deerstedt have the same belief that great design should be functional, aesthetic and timeless. In our Etsy shop you will also find Rams and Gugelot. For more info check out our Etsy shop here 


New arrivals of midcentury modern items april 2016

We want to present some of our new listing, which you will find on either, or

hope you enjoy the world of Deerstedt lighting.

Svend Middelboe designed most of all his lighting for Nordisk Solar. Here is a few of the new arrivals:

midcentury lighting.jpgsvend middelboe.jpgceiling light.jpg

To be found here : Special yellow version Verona pendant by Svend Middelboe

Or this classic all white Verona pendant


To be found here : Classic all white Verona Pendant by Svend Middelboe of Denmark

Danish space age pendants from the 60s are always in demand which is not hard to understand. They bring a touch of yesterdays design and a look in to the future as well.

Here is some of the new arrivals :

spaceage lighting.jpgceilinglight.jpg


To be found here : Space age danish light

carlthore.jpgcarl thore sweden.jpgCarl Thore.jpg

To be found here: Carl Thore brass pendant

Jorn Utzon.jpgJørn Utzon.jpg

To be found here : Jorn Utzon classic Navy pendant

Danish Midcentury chandelier.jpgDanish copper pendant.jpg

To be found here : Danish copper chandelier

orange lighting.jpg

To be found here : Svend Middelboe Denmark

Dieter Rams Braun.jpg

Dieter Rams for Braun 1962

Saturn copper lighting.jpg

Jo hammerborg.jpg

Saturn copper pendant by Jo Hammerborg Denmark

Victor Vaserely.jpg

Victor Vaserely op-art


Brionvega Algol TV Continue reading New arrivals of midcentury modern items april 2016

Trending interior design: Rya rugs

When you wake up in the morning you step out of the bed and your feet sink into a soft and longhaired brown, yellow and orange rug. As you walk down the corridor your hands slide through the green, blue and turquoise vintage wall rug. The big hit from the 70s is hotter than ever.


In the mid century these longhaired handmade design pieces were designed for the modern home. They were originally made in Scandinavia – the name Rya comes from a small village in the southwest of Sweden and also a breed of sheep whose wool were used to make rya rugs.


(source: Pinterest)

A rya rug is made of wool strands that are knotted together and has a shag-like pile of 1-3 inches. Often the rugs were made in bright and colourful wool with psycadelic pattern or with symbols.


In Denmark the manufactor Ege Tæpper had a range of designers who made some of the most beautiful design pieces.


The rya rugs had their golden years in the 70s and in the 80s they almost disappeared as the streamlined minimalist interior look had its glory. Because of this it is extremely rare to find a vintage well designed quality mid century rug. A rya rug is an investment on the same level as an artwork.


We are proud to present several rya rugs in our shop:


You can find them here:

Ege Tæpper purple/red/pink 

Orange horse

Abstract red/brown/orange



We hope you enjoy our collection!


World of lights…

Welcome to the wonderful universe of Deerstedt.

Deerstedt is a collaboration of passionated people who spend most of their time treasure hunting for wonderful mid-century european and scandinavian vintage and retro lamps, furniture and interior pieces.

We hope you enjoy our world – Here is a little appetizer from our Instagram….




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Carl and Malene


Hot interior trends: copper, brass and metal

In the midcentury it was very common to decorate your home with teak and rosewood combined with noble metals such as brass, copper and brushed steel.

Now this trend is more hot than ever…..

Combined with the modern contemporary interior these metals adds an elegance and coolness to the interior. If it is a candle holder, a little box, a mirror or a lamp, the metallic look matches perfectly to the nordic look.


We have handpicked a beautiful collection of lamps for the modern home


Find them here:

Brass table lamp 

Beautiful danish brass pendant 

Louis Poulsen sconces 


Find them here:

Corda wall lamp




Find them here:



Wall sconces

Ib Fabiansen danish architect and design

Ib Fabiansen one of the most productive designers in Denmark in the 1950s and Sixties.

His works spans widely from designing radio and Tv sets for the world known danish company B&O in Struer in the late 1950s were he was the first fulltime imployed designer at the company to producing lamps for Fog & Mørup both in the fifties and in the sixties.

Unknown         images     il_570xN.860952590_58up

Ib Fabiansen lamps                      B&O                                                           Wall sconce by Ib Fabiansen

His designs are very sought after all over the world. Especially his lamp design which is timeless, classy and futuristic. He did use paper woven strings on all his designs.


You can find this beautiful wall sconce in our shop Ib Fabiansen

Neoplastiscism – minimalistic and straight forward design

For almost a century people have been fasinated by minimalistic geometric design.

less is more or doing more with less was a concept which started in Holland back in 1917 by a movement called De Stijl or in english The style. The architect Van der Rohe became a leading figure in that movement and we all know him and his work today.


Van der Rohe´s iconic Barcelona chair first apeared in 1929.

Another great architect that shaped future generations awareness upon the Neoplastiscism was Gerrit Rietveld.


source of pictures :

Hard to believe that this “Blue and red” chair was designed in 1917 by Gerrit Reitveld. 

Time has passed and a lot of these designers ideas has become footprints of our daily life.

We proudly present some of these ancient footprints below:


Geometric shaped Lyfa sconce was designed early 60´s


Esmann Jensen ceiling pendant design from 1963


Louis Weisdorf designed this beuatiful light in 1962


Anton Fogh Holm / Alfred Andersen



Hope that you feel inspired like we did dicovering the history of neoplasticism 😉

Sounds like space age electronics!

The 70s did not only produce hot and space agy furniture and lighting but also the coolest electronics. If you are lucky you can find these cool items and many of them still work – they did make quality back in the days.

We have in our shop a collection of handpicked electronics.

Weltron radio 

Iconic space age transistor Radio with an 8 track play – fully functional. Made in Japan by Weltron. A cool example of the 1970s space age era – the shape is almost like spaceman helmet. ‘

If you are interested in learning more about this cool radio – and others – go to Phil Nelsons site, a devoted vintage radio lover

You can find our radio here


(source of the vintage add )

Paso Speakers

When it comes to sound you gotta have some great speakers to match your space age radio. Paso made these sphaeric pendant speakers – a cool feature for the retro home.


Whether you decide to hang them from the ceiling or put them on a shelf – the look is absolutely astonishing. You can read more about them here 


When you have the sound, you also need a television and why not a cool and handy MiniVision designed in the 1970s.

Check it out here

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