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Find the right light….

When decorating a home we often tend to focus a lot on the furniture, the colors and the accessories. One of the most important features in a good and functioning interior plan is the light source.  Natural light that flows from the windows and doors is amazing, but if you live in a place where the sun doesn’t shine six month of the year or your home has a restricted number of natural light sources, then you have to add a good amount of light sources.

Normally houses have a variety of hanging lights – we hang lights above the kitchen table, over the kitchen counter, in a corner next to the sofa or as room lights in the middle of the room. This way we create a room with dark corners and it might even feel smaller than it is.

By having lights that has downlight, uplight and room light we spread the light to the corner and edges of a room and it will automatically feel brighter and bigger.

You can think about a room having different functions and thereby having a need of different lights. Create a plan or list with the different functions (reading nook, dining table, workdesk, music corner etc) and find light sources that will match those functions.

A good table light over the dining table is important, but consider a lamp with a glass shade instead of a closed metal or plastic shade. Of if you choose a “closed” lamp then add some wall lights or a floor light and try to mix the way the light flows by having uplights as well as downlights.


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Temde Leuchten from Germany /Switzerland

Fritz Müller founded this company back in 1911 in Detmold, Germany and ended production in 2000 in Sevelen, Switzerland.

They are especially known for there beautiful light fixtures made of wood. Later on they also did some stunning pieces were they combined acrylic plastic with brushed aluminum.

At there highest production period they produced more than 400 different lights, sold directly as Temde or special orders for the goverment in Germany, hotels, restaurants etc.

The goal of the company was always to produce high quality standard lighting.

Here is some examples to show you the variety


Temde desklamp type 30 – sheet metal with rosewood veneer on the base as well as the shade. It has a very functional and flexible stem which can be adjusted.  Up for sale at our 1stdibs.com site



type 765 made of smoked acrylic and brushed aluninum Temde 765


Beautiful table lamp with white lacquered base and cafe latté colored shade Table lamp