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Sounds like space age electronics!

The 70s did not only produce hot and space agy furniture and lighting but also the coolest electronics. If you are lucky you can find these cool items and many of them still work – they did make quality back in the days.

We have in our shop a collection of handpicked electronics.

Weltron radio 

Iconic space age transistor Radio with an 8 track play – fully functional. Made in Japan by Weltron. A cool example of the 1970s space age era – the shape is almost like spaceman helmet. ‘

If you are interested in learning more about this cool radio – and others – go to Phil Nelsons site, a devoted vintage radio lover

You can find our radio here


(source of the vintage add )

Paso Speakers

When it comes to sound you gotta have some great speakers to match your space age radio. Paso made these sphaeric pendant speakers – a cool feature for the retro home.


Whether you decide to hang them from the ceiling or put them on a shelf – the look is absolutely astonishing. You can read more about them here 


When you have the sound, you also need a television and why not a cool and handy MiniVision designed in the 1970s.

Check it out here

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